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Hello everyone,

Let me introduce myself. My name is NtiniC, I have shortened my name because I have experienced that my name is difficult to pronounce. I was born in Indonesia, but I was adopted at a young age and came to the Netherlands. I live near the coast in the province of Zeeland. My passions are painting and photography. Other hobbies I have are walking, cycling, photo editing, watching movies and series, listening to music and cooking. But learning and discovering new things is also what I like to do and find out.



It all started during the first lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic. My daughters were taught online through the Meet and were home all day. To keep them busy we started painting. First with brushes, then we tried out paint pouring.

Mixing the paint with the medium was so calming to me and watching the paint flow across the canvas was fascinating. No painting was the same and seeing the emergence of cells is a very entertaining and interesting moment.

I have tried several brands of acrylic paint and mediums and have come up with a number of products that are pleasant for me to work with.
These are Amsterdam Acrylic Paint, Liquitex and Floetrol.

Of course I will regularly try other brands, because if you don't try you don't know whether it works well for you or not.



I started photograpy when I wanted to photograph my paintings. I did this with my phone and I couldn't get the colors as nice as they looked on the canvas.
My mother advised me to use my father's old camera. I had never owned an SLR camera before, so I had to figure out how it worked. While I was trying out that camera, I found out that I really enjoyed photographing.
In the meantime I bought another camera, because I wanted to buy a zoom lens. The problem was that the Nikon was an old camera and no more lenses were available for it.

With time I want to save for a better camera. But at the moment both cameras work well and I still shoot with both cameras.


For some months I post my photos with quotes. I choose the quotes that best suit me at the moment or describe what I feel. Not only to help me think differently or make me feel better, but I also hope it helps someone else with their feelings or going through at the moment.


Well I guess you have now enough informations about me. On the right side and below, you can find my contact information, if you want to know more or if you have any questions.

I hope you will enjoy my website!


Stay Happy & Safe