SugiLite's Journey

This year I started adding quotes to my photos, when I posted them on social media.

The reason I started this is because I am not good in giving my photos a name and because of the way I felt at that moment. It was to make me feel more positive and I also hoped to give other people some positivity or something to think about.


Gradually I thought why don't I write why I chose that quote. Maybe I can also inspire or help someone else with my story.

Some parts of a blog are closed. You need a password for this. Here I talk more deeply about a topic and myself. I didn't want to share this with everyone. Only people I trust, who are really interested or who I might be able to help or support a little.


For the password you can always email me at

Then write the reason why you want to read it and where I know you from or why you want to get to know me.


Enjoy reading.