It's ok to show all your colors.

Published on 11 November 2022 at 21:52

It's ok to show all your colors.

I thought this quote suited well with the colors of autumn. Not just the autumn colors, but all the colors of nature in all seasons. When the leaves on the trees grow, they change color and eventually they will fall on the ground.


Just like a human. You are born, you grow and you grow older. You change, you experience different kinds of emotions and get different opinions over the years. We live in a society where not everything is accepted, people have prejudices and people judge you before they know the whole story. 


Sometimes you are forced to be a different person, than the person you really are. Sometimes you are not able to express the feelings you feel inside because people might think it's weird, get angry or don't they don’t understand you.


Sometimes you feel like a flower that can't bloom, or like the the falling leaves from a tree, being bird that can't fly free. Sometimes you will hide yourself, you are ashamed of your own feelings, your past or are afraid to be yourself, because people may not accept you.

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