Escape from the black cloud that surrounds you. Then you will see your own light as radiant as the full moon.

Published on 21 November 2022 at 23:32

When dark clouds surrounds you, it is sometimes difficult to see your own light.

Events can occur, which can extinguish the light in you. People who can block your light by things they do or say to you. It can also be that you can no longer shine because of your own emotions and thoughts. Sometimes it is consciously done by others and sometimes it's not. Sometimes you don't even know, why you have those thoughts or why you feel that way.

All of these events, certain things they have told you, the thoughts or emotions you're having, can feel like dark clouds. Dark clouds that keep surrounding you and don't know how to escape them. Your own light can be blocked or be extinguished.

The trick is to get out of those dark clouds. For me, talking to someone I trust or talking to a professional helped a lot. They can watch it from a distance. While you're in those dark clouds, it's hard to see what you can do. You are then too stuck in a situation or emotion. An expert person can then see the situation much better and estimate what is needed to get out of it. They can give you advice, which can sometimes be very helpful.

Talking to someone you know well and trust can also help. They know you better and may be able to shine their light for you to follow to get out. Because friends or family know you better, they can also bring positivity by telling you what you are good at or doing things with you which can make you feel a little bit better. They can assist you and help you to make those clouds disappear with their own light.

For both, talking to an expert or talking to someone you trust, it is important that you are open to this. If you don't want to be helped, they can't help you. This is something you should keep in mind.

When dark clouds surrounded me, not only some professionals helped me, but also my family. When I am feeling down, I talk about it with my mother and friends. I appreciate that they listen to me and also shine their light. This way I can find my way out and I am able to see my own light again.

That is why it is also important, when you have found your light within yourself, to help others when they are surrounded by dark clouds. When you see that someone has lost their light, let them follow your light to get them out of those clouds. Help them with your light to make their light shine brighter again.


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