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Not feeling so happy

Published on 3 October 2021 at 19:20

Last week has been a difficult one. I was sad, lonely and depressed most of the times.I have suffered from depressive moments for years and I know it will pass and I will start to feel better. Only when you are in such a moment, you do not see it yet. It's even harder when you can't talk about it. Sometimes it can take a few days, sometimes a few weeks, but it can also take months. I hope it's over soon.


This week I finally started painting again. You will see the next week what I have made. It was nice to be painting again. 

My camera was not working well and I brought it back to the store. Yesterday I picked it up and it's working again. Next week, I hope that the weather will be better and I can go outside and make some new photos.


This week I posted a lot of prairie dogs on social media. Sorry if you got bored of it, but I thought the were so cute and made more than 100 photos of it. 

I have also added photos of the sunset in Zoutelande

And some photo edits I have made, most are from when I was not feeling so happy. Sorry.

I hope I will feel better soon and be more happier.


Stay Happy, Healthy & Safe,




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